ANaRDe, as a catalytic agency, focuses on preventative health and provides solutions for potable water.

ANaRDe has a proven record in providing clean drinking water to rural areas benefiting villages, schools, colleges, hospitals, community and religious places and social entrepreneurial initiatives.

Clean water has uplifted significant human productivity in edcuational institutions and work places, and has enhanced health and well-being for the community.

ANaRDe selects appropriate technology as a viable solution in the community, implements the solution, and monitors the on-going operation and the resulting benefits for five years.

Key Features: Our Ultra Filtration Units are cost effective, need very little space (only 2.5 sq. ft), are easy to maintain, require no electricity and chemicals, waste minimum water and have a huge plant capacity, drawing upto 20,000 liters per day. The average life span of the plant is 10 years.

Target areas for plant installation include: Local CSR areas as per the contributor’s interest, villages, camps, educational institutions, hospitals, religious and community places, and pilgrimage places.

ANaRDe has taken specific interest in water management projects in rural areas of the Gujarat State. Water Management is an acute challenge in all villages.

ANaRDe helps farmers with rain water harvesting, deepening of existing village ponds, digging of new farm ponds, building check dams on rivers, providing wells, bore wells and micro irrigation in farms. We have provided lift irrigation projects to the farms having ground level higher than the river.

ANaRDe has implemented water management programmes in rural areas of Gujarat, Saurshtra and Kutch region. The water management projects have benefited numerous farmers with timely and abundant irrigation for agricultural and horticultural activities.

The irrigation was implemented using:

  • Check- Dams

  • Walls

  • Drip irrigation

  • Lift irrigation