ANaRDe helps farmers, women, and youth for their economic upliftment by facilitating micro-credit and bank loans from nationalized and private banks.

ANaRDe plays a catalytic role between beneficiaries and banks with a moral responsibility. ICICI Bank and nationalized banks like Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and State Bank of India are approving micro-credit and various loans for rural beneficiaries. The main aim is income generation and enhancement.

The foundation believes that every poor rural beneficiary should have access to banking facilities.

Our foundation has taken the initiative to create joint ventures with scheduled and private banks to support rural beneficiaries in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Major Highlights of the Project:-

  • Providing micro finance loan assistance to self-help groups..

  • Financial assistance provided for income generation activities.

  • Opportunity to create employment for the rural population.

  • Funds are directly credited to the self help group’s bank account.

  • Cultivation of savings habit.

  • Building skills for the development of rural villages.

  • Empowering women to improve skills for marketing their products.