As per guideline by Government and VAN-MANTRALAYA with the Co- operation of developing NGO’s of Ahmadabad we had arranged a Mahila Jagruti Shibir at MOVANA Village. In this Shibir Forest officer shri Chandra Had Explained the importance of trees in human life and its benefits to grow frees on excess land on the barder of field. At the sometimes Ayurvedie Dr. Bharathi Goswami Explain about Ayurvedie trees and its utility. Its use as medicine plus Shri Bhupathai Savshali of subhash charitable were about Global Warming and its effects in future such as climacteric changes- increasing heat irregular rain fall and Sunami at Sea Level. He had explained with example that there was enough rain in JUNGAL –CUTTING rain full has decreased.

Our Staff Members explained water shed project Water Conservation – drip irrigation and Varmi- compose fertilizer and benefits of its uses. About 60 ladies who had never gone out of their village attended VAN- MAHOTSAV at Taluka level and all agreed to grow 5 Aurvedie trees in their field. In the presence of Shri A.R. Shah from the ANaRDe foundation Aurvedie Ropa were distributed

Effect of this Shibir was seen in surrounded villages of MOVANA as they also agreed for water conservation and Grow trees in their fields.